Saturday, October 18, 2008


(Me, Ju, Jane and Hui Ping)

(The very cute b'day cake)
This is a very very late post up on my birthday together with my friends in Penang. It's like a month ago and I just only have time to post this...haha...I went to Ferringhi Garden and Sunset Bistro last month to celebrate my 20...I'm moving in into 20s.....

The food at Ferringhi Garden was yummy although a bit expensive it was worth it if you think of the quality of the food and the nice atmosphere you are having dinner in. The place was richly, elegantly decorated and looks really nice. I especially like the lighting of the amazing how some great positioning of lights and it's intensity can do to a place.

(Superb place to eat isn't it?)
(Jane, Hui Ping, me, Juin and Ju's cousin)
(Ferringhi Garden)
At Sunset Bistro, the DJ even wished us a Happy Birthday like thrice haha....The way he announced it was so funny.."Like to wish Happy birthday to Ming and Ping" haha I thought it has a ring to it...Ming and Ping.....and he played a birthday song..the first time I have a DJ wished me...was so cool..haha. We had a few drinks shared together. A glass of orange juice, coffee and ice lemon tea and two bottles of beer. It was just a really small gathering of my friends and I wished some that were not there were there. Makes me miss them a lot....

(Drinks and the small cute cake)

(Me and Hui Ping)

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