Sunday, September 21, 2008

HaPPy BiRTHDay To ME!!!

To my dearest beloved self, Happy 20th Birthday. It really seems like it was just not long ago that we celebrated our 1st birthday or our 7th birthday and even the 16th birthday. Time flies by in a glimpse. Next thing I know I'll probably celebrating our 40th birthday. But we will never know until the time we?? Can we live till we are forty or seventy or even ninety perhaps??

This year's birthday makes me think a lot. Did all those years really past by already? Have I achieve anything in life yet? Age is just a number people say....maybe it is but did you celebrate your birthday every year and thought about what you want in life and how you want to spend it? The numbers keep going up and is never going back down. Time doesn't stop for anyone.

I was happy indeed this year when my best friends celebrated my birthday with me even if it's a day early...haha...(Will post that up soon) I'm happy too that new friends I meet in university also celebrated my birthday for me. I'm delighted too that there were many people wishing me Happy Birthday. I think this year is the year the most people wished me happy birthday. Whether it was a sms, an email, a FaceBook message, a call and face-to-face greeting, I thank all of you for making happy with all your wishes. But somehow, when I got into the bus back to Perlis after spending 2 days at home with friends and family, I felt melancholic. To think that I spend half of my actual birthday sitting on a bus back to Perlis. I sat on the bus feeling really lonely and when I reach Perlis I find myself thinking of Penang. I miss all of them so much family back at home and the Kiddies. Does getting older make you more emotional?? Hahaha.....I think I felt that way. I was seriously for a moment thinking I just want to go home and give my mom a big hug and say I don't want to go back to uni. Look at me....I'm 20 years old already and I'm behaving just like a kid. Sobbing away and missing my mama....haha.

I have to admit I don't want to grow up. Kids wants to grow older and adults want to grow back into kids....haha. I miss those primary school times or high school where we seems to live life so carefree....I guess I have to understand growing up is a phase in life that everyone have to go through. I just want to say I love all of you back at home and the Kiddies wherever you all are.
I don't want to be someone in the future who suddenly think back and regret not saying I LOVE YOU to all my love ones. So Happy Birthday to me and may everyone be happy as the all should be....

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