Friday, August 22, 2008

How I spend my holidays in Penang.

(Elora, Mei Ling and Hui Ping)
(Jolyn and Me)

One week.....7 days.....168 hours....Well it is actually a bit more than that...
Do you know what I did all that time....I spend it sleeping, eating, shopping, watching TV, playing computer games and surfing the net....All of the things I did wasn't at all benefiting to my studies. I didn't even revise or do my assignments. I even have a test after the holidays...don't know when though the teacher didn't say when. I feel guilty but I don't have regrets....can you blame me???? It's been so long since I have a chance to have such a break.....I had fun this week....I felt it has passed by too fast.....
(Juin's laptop...nice right)
(Scruffy.....Ju's cute dog)
(He doesn't want me to take a nice pic)
(A candid shot)
Well, I spend most of the time watching Olympics was fun....I really admire those athletes doing their best to win. It was a pretty exciting OlympicsThen the rest of the time is divide to sleeping, eating and shopping. I think in this past week, I went to Gurney twice, Queensbay twice. Mostly is I went to eat. Watched two movies; The Mummy and 21. I ate lots of food. I went to Sakae Sushi, 1901, Secret Recipe, Dave's Deli, Tai Tong Dim Sum, and Mc D. Not to mention homecooking....I miss was yummy.....I wish I could drink soup everyday in Perlis...I spend so much time doing nothing, I wish I did more stuff....
(Yummy sushi)

(Stacks of plates of sushi we ate)
(I didn't finish this...I was too full)

Still, considering the amount of food I have eaten, that was a lot of stuff. From popcorn to pasembur to cheesecake to sushi to roasted chicken to french fries to radish soup to Singapore bihun to dim sum to burgers and hotdogs to mashed potatoes to char hor fun. I ate it all......Yes, my stomach can hold all the food. It was satisfyingly delicious. I shall miss Penang when I go back to Perlis. I'm bringing so much stuff home from Penang, I don't know if all of it will fit in my bags or will I be able to carry them back. still the BEST to hometown, my beloved island and forever my home....PENANG I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!Hehehehehehe......
(Expresso cheesecake)
(Dave's Deli)
Kind of sad that Elora has left for India though...Soon when she comes back, she will probably be Dr Elora Ong....haha....some friends from Unimap came to sorry I didn't go out with you because Kiddies are important....they are 2nd only after my family...hehe

Hopefully the next break I will get to meet more of the kiddies.....thanks again for the pressie.
PS This isn't actually a long blog...Just have more photos that's all...

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