Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday wish to you..

Happy birthday to my beloved kiddies, Hui Ping and Siaw Ping!!

Saeng Il Chukahamnida!!

You share the same birthday on this day every single year.

I hope both of you will always remain cheerful, happy and healthy wherever you both are.

Take care of yourself, both of you and have a great great birthday!!

And to my dad who also share your birthday just that he is born like 35 years earlier...haha. Happy birthday, Daddy!!

I'm sorry I won't be home to celebrate with you. You'll probably not see this but


P.S. SP, apparently I don't have a recent photo of you and me alone. Remind me next time you come back or I go Singapore to take a photo with you. Hahaha...

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nicolette said...

me likey this...!
(thumbs up)