Thursday, September 16, 2010

New haircut

Happy Malaysia Day everyone!!!

On this new (recently enacted as public hols) holiday, I got a new haircut. I think I haven't had straight fringe since primary school. Thought of getting a new style. If I don't like it, I can always sweep it to the sides ^__^

My brother says I look fatter with this haircut. He's always saying I look fat so I'm ignoring him. Well, I am fat so can't deny that but stop saying it all the time. My parents and him are always saying that. I'm so sick of hearing it actually. I get it, I'm fat, obese, chubby, overweight, plump and stout.

It seems like they never compliment me on anything. I'm always not good enough in this and that. Haiz...but what the heck, I'm eating whatever I want to eat moderately and I'll try to lose weight okay? I know it is not healthy so I'll lose the pounds.

(The new haircut!! But it looks like nothing changed right? I do look a bit fat though. =.=)

(Oh ya btw my cousin said she'll give me RM500 to lose 10kg...=.=)


1 comment:

nicolette said...

seems like the both of us exchange hairstyles.. i have no fringe and there u are with fringe.. and me like ur new hairstyle..