Thursday, October 07, 2010

How I dislike it when people act like they don’t know something when the truth is, they know. I’m referring to how some people pretend they don’t have a certain skill in something when they probably learn it before or done it before. Okay, maybe you are a natural and you got talent for it. But I don’t believe lo…. (Terms and conditions applied to certain people only…Not all :p)

But oh well, I’m just being a hypocrite here. Sometimes I act like I don’t know something either. (It’s because I don’t want to hurt the feelings of people teaching me or I’m not sure whether I’m right doing it) =.= Or I think I don’t really get it but I actually do but I just don’t realise that I do…haha. That really makes my friends want to knock my head. ^^

Just that sometimes, it’s really obvious how you really know how to do something but you pretend you don’t. And you still insist you don’t. Even though it is rather obvious that you excel in it you still say you just learn it and got lucky. If you want to fake it, please fake it better.

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