Friday, October 22, 2010

Really Ben 10 today...

Today was really idiotic,foolish, silly and stupid.

Three of us took the wrong bus to class. Instead of to Dragon, we went to Kg Wai. Should have just got down the bus when it turn into the junction to Kg Wai but no, we took the bus all the way there. Like so free go tour...=.=

I'm going to blame it on the girl at the front seat who when we asked said the bus was going to Dragon. How irritating...

But partly our fault for not confirming with the bus driver.

So blur this morning...and really Ben 10....

I already know something was wrong when I got up the bus because there's no one we know. Should have trust my own instincts and got down from the bus.

Luckily Pei Key came to the rescue...drove from Wang Ulu to Kg Wai and fetch us to class.

Thank you so much Pei Key!! *Hugs and kisses*

If it wasn't for the quiz this morning, I think I'll just have ponteng the class. =.=

P.S. Ben 10= stupid/idiotic or rather pern tan in hokkien. Ben 10 is actually a cartoon character my lil cousin likes to watch. ^^



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