Sunday, October 03, 2010


(The ring...the small one. Have to stay inside and not fall out.)

(Lawan Negeri...basically it's like tarik tali just that they use hands instead of rope. )

The title sounds weird because it's an acronym for dunno what Festival Kebudayaan Antara Pusat Pengajian.

I finally joined something in UniMAP besides that MidAutumn fest and CNY fest. I woke up like 8am this morning just to compete in traditional Malay games in the rain. I joined Laga Ayam which is like pushing an opponent out of the ring while standing with one leg and lost badly. I was out in the 1st round. pushed out by someone fatter and stronger than me.

Then, wandered around looking at the games and got pulled into joining Tating Lawi which is actually kicking the shuttlecock for as many times as you can without dropping it to the ground. With absolutely no skills in the game, 3 of us (a group) actually got 3rd. Not bad for a beginner. Haha even though there's only like 5 groups. Hehe.

Had real fun playing the games which totally reminds me of primary school where I used to play Getah and Batu Seremban with my friends. Miss those times so much. I got wet in the rain and walk without my shoes on in the muddy field. Felt so nice wriggling my toes in the mud. (Foot spa...haha)(Only one hamper is actually won by my group. The other is for the Galah Panjang competition)

(My prize and isn't the doll very rockish? Hehe)

Nice time playing even though I was starving by the time the games ended. Treated myself to Secret Recipe at tea time!! It was fun but damn tiring.

P.S Galah Panjang is played by 4 people vs 4 people. Basically 4 of them have to block the other group to cross to the back and return back to the starting line. It's really easy. I played it before when I was a kid. I think we call it Toi back then.

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