Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello from Singapore..Day 1

My plane to Singapore...

My ticket

Hello all....

I'm in Singapore now.

My flight was uneventful. But I saw a rainbow from up above the clouds though. Nice~

Even if it was uneventful, I felt like I was like a kampung girl's 1st time on a flight =.=

Well, can be said to be my 1st right? I can't even remember the 1st. I was like excited about everything and trying not to show the excitement on my face. Hehe..

Got a window seat, quite near the wings.

Flying was fun. I was like Whee all the time but well, it's only an hour trip so I fell asleep for like 10 minutes and we almost reach already. Hahaha...but I have to say I got a bit dizzy up there. Must be the sinus problem I'm having or I have motion sickness. Either one.

All the peeps in the cabin...

Planning on going for Universal Studio Singapore tomorrow. Apparently USS tickets are sold out online so we are giving it a try at the counter. Cross our fingers that there are tickets for us.

2 tickets for 2 little girls craving for some adrenaline rides. ^^

That's all for now, peeps.

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