Saturday, June 19, 2010

Slacking off

Have nothing to post lately because all I do this past week is slacking at home. =.=
Becoming fatter and fatter. Well, let people say what they can say about my weight. I welcome all criticism and I'll see what I can do about losing those extra weight. I'm trying ok?

Meanwhile, let's have a look at food. This was like 1 month ago. Since I didn't update on it, so I've decide to post a few pictures of it. Went to Ingolf again. It's a German restaurant.

The portions are big and the food is mouth watering. I love the food there even though I only went there twice. If you order a salad then expect a big bowl of salad. Large portions and for those who eat very little, share so that you can finish.

I almost forgot it's non-halal. Ingolf is like a restaurant cum bar. There lots of people drinking beer and lot's of foreigners (old uncles and aunties who probably make M'sia their 2nd home already) and it feels almost festive all the time when you go to the restaurant because it is always packed.


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