Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dinner at Tao

Some of the food we ordered. I was too caught up in eating I didn't take them all.

My first time at Autocity and Tao. Yup...I've never been to Autocity till now. I guess it's just a place with lots of shop lots for dining an entertainment? That's from my observation on Monday.

Tao was nice. Albeit the food was in very small portions, I have quite a lot. Not everything was nice but I like the sushi and sashimi the best. I think we sat there from 6.30pm to 10.00pm chatting and eating. It was Mei Ling's birthday that day and well there were like 3 people celebrating their birthday at Tao that day. A day for birthdays it seems.

I wish I could eat some more that day because if I pay RM55 then I want to get double the worth of food in a buffet. Hahaha...that's me, the kiam siap po. (Stingy as always >.<) Of course I'm also a glutton if I see nice food then I won't stop eating. Then, I will grow chubbier. Haiz...

Overall, I had a great time laughing and eating, even if I overate and felt so full that I couldn't sleep that night. LOL

I think the table was just full of empty plates even though the waiters keep removing them.

Happy birthday, Mei Ling!!

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