Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Edoichi Japanese Cuisine

Went to a Japanese restaurant last Saturday. The atmosphere of the restaurant was really nice. Best of dating couples to visit. There's this romantic atmosphere and low lighting environment. The food was really nice. It's a tad bit expensive for me but still affordable. The service was pretty good. I think their food was fresh and taste better than some Japanese restaurant I went to.

(Una Cheese Maki...this is superb...love the cream cheese in the middle of the sushi.)

(The Salmon Temaki....overflowing with fresh salmon..this is also pretty delicious)

(Nameko Fried Rice....mushroom fried rice..not too oil and just nice.)

(Chawanmushi...the chawanmushi is really delicious. Notice the large prawn on top.It is soft and melts in your mouth.)(Kimuchi Ramen...this was just okay. I don't really like the smell of kimchi that much so I didn't really enjoy it.)

There's another dish we ordered called Ko Ebi Karaage which is a bowl of soft shell prawns deep fried till it becomes crispy. It taste really good and was very crunchy. A meal completed with green tea. Nice~

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