Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love in Disguise 恋爱通告

Have any of you watch Lee Hom's directorial debut yet? Go watch it!! Support my Lee Hom!!!

I assume plenty of you know that I adore Lee Hom. If you don't, then you know now. He sings with his heart, charitable, with a great smile and is so handsome and yet seems so humble to me. And yes, I find myself having a penchant to listening to him speaking English. It sounds so sexy...hahahaha

The film is about superstar singer Du Minghan (Lee Hom), who disguises himself as Ah Duh or Mahamoduh (LOL...what a name), an undergraduate at a music conservatory so that he can pursue a woman he meet during an accident who plays music that is heavenly to his ears. Well he actually sees visions of himself flying or seeing butterflies when he listens to her plays the Gu Zheng. She's Song Xiaoqing (Liu Yifei), whom he has a crush on. I watched while laughing away at Ah Duh antics studying music in the school and balancing his career in music.

As much as I like Lee Hom and this movie was kind of fun and romantic to me, I find the storyline a bit predictable. I'm trying to give unbiased opinions but well this is after all only his 1st directorial debut. He'll learn more and become greater. Shall I say I can think like and read Lee Hom's mind well to be able to predict a few scenes? maybe it isn't the storyline being predictable rather me knowing Lee Hom eh? ^__^

But I can truly see the effort he has made and the way he's introducing Chinese arts and music to people. He's a serious musician and now a serious director. He want people to know more about the Chinese arts like Opera or traditional Chinese music through this movie. Also the scenes with those paparazzi, I think this is his way of saying "I don't give a sh*t about what you write of me". This movie is so much Lee Hom because he actually incorporate the idea of him dealing with paparazzi, his 'Chinked-out' music, the "gay" issue and so much of his songs. Albeit, I wanted to hear more of his songs in the movie.

I love the songs in the movie. Especially adored 你不知道的事, "All The Things You Never Knew”. It's the theme song of the movie. The lyrics were amazing. The melody is so beautiful. Listening to the song makes me feel so warm and touched. Lee Hom's lyrics is always meaningful. So going to buy his album when I have the chance to. ^___^

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Mizuki said...

I thought of you the first thing I hear about this movie starring Leehom >.< I like the idea of the story...very much like the ideal fanfiction-dream-come-true :) will be interested to watch it when I can catch some time :))