Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pasar Rahmadan

Went to the Perlis Stadium Pasar Rahmadan around a week ago. There were heaps of food that you wouldn't know what to eat because there were too many choices. It was great food but not very great for my money and unfortunately not very great for my health too.

I think I fell sick a few days after eating all sorts of heaty stuff at the Pasar Rahmadan. I was too gluttonous and ate too much unhealthy food. I think that night I ate murtabak, satay, some kuih, a packet of coconut water and a piece of ayam percik. So, that the reason I got sore throat the next day and fell sick a few days later.

Next time, I won't be so greedy. Have to take care of my health to go back to Penang and eat better food. :)


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