Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Meow 2......lol

Since I got a bit of time before heading to class. Here's a photo from Kangar, Perlis. Can you guess where this place is? Kangar have too much cats!!!

No smoking, no photography allowed and no cats allowed!!! It probably mean pets but I have to say there are too many stray cats in Perlis. They are really annoying and scary sometimes too when they approach you and insist on sharing your food.

Dear cats, please stop staring at me when I eat. I won't give you any crumbs because I know it will make you follow me and I'm pretty much very geli with the fact that you just have to slither around my legs. I get so geli by that and it also means I'm kind of afraid of you. So please don't come near me. (Like you would understand me =.=)

Well here's a fishy for you cats so that you won't bother me anymore. Consider it a bribe to the cats. Meow~~

1 comment:

ルーエン said...

judging from ur title (only), i thought u're a cat lover! hahaha..