Friday, August 06, 2010

Meeting an old old friend

Met a friend that I have not seen for a very long long time. The last time I saw him was in Form 3. It's been years since I've met him since he migrated to America.

Surprisingly, I saw him today at Gurney Plaza and he can recognise me. Just chatted with him for awhile but it was nice meeting him after so long. Still as friendly as before.

When you get older, you always wonder about friends you meet during your life. The friends that had made an impact in your life or the ones that made lasting impression. Friends come and go but does friendship remains? I hope so. I hope that even if I don't always keep in contact with you people, meaning my friends....that's you *pointing at you*, I hope you can always remember that I'll always remember the happy times we had and remember me. :-)


Mizuki said...

ohh! Is it JJ? :D He's back in Penang?! I just thought of him yesterday after chatting with SC on msn :D

nicolette said...

of course friendships remains..! i dont know bout others but for sure i'll rmr u.. and all the 'fung fung yu yu'(cantonese) that we've been through... while traveling back and forth penang..!! (still rmr the storm?) ahahahaa..