Monday, August 23, 2010

Touch N Go

(The brand new Touch N Go card)

Let me tell you a story about the girl who walk down the road at the highway near the Penang bridge toll. This is a girl who wanted to change the Touch n Go card for her mom because her mom said the card is more than 10 years already. The girl missed the road entrance to the office. So her friend stop near the bus stop to the office and she had to walk along the highway into the entrance of the office. It was a first for the girl because who the hell gets a chance to walk in the highway roads near Penang Bridge if there ain't no emergency.

The girl couldn't find a way in to the office through the highway. Then, she actually did something illegal and went through a gate meant only for office personnel to enter the gate to the office. The security guard saw her but he let her through fortunately. So, the card got change and nothing bad happened. Fortunately for the girl, the process was fast and quick, she didn't get arrested or anything so she was able to go back home after that and enjoy a meal of McD with her friend at McD.

End of story..hahahaha....

(The weird Canon pen-drive of Loo Wen's that I just have to take a photo of. It's headless when it is stuck into your laptop. Looks kind of geli like some headless body. ^_^)

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