Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm feeling envy again. of the 7 deadly sins.

While people are enjoying themselves, I'm stuck at home painting the gate and the balcony.

I really wish I would stop doing this to myself. (The self-pitying and emo-ness) After all, I'm the one that made the decision not to go. But here I am, thinking how nice it would be to be there.

I made a decision I know is the right thing to do but not necessary the best thing to do. Does that make sense? I'm thinking to myself that I'll have a chance to go one day.

The gate I painted.
The balcony I helped painted...BTW, that's not me. That's my mom.

For better news, I'm not going back to Perlis till after New Year. Yay to me!! Apparently there's no classes going on. So, I'm taking everyone's advice and stay home. Staying home actually means more housework to be done you know. =.= I've been helping out this past week which is why I'm feeling especially envious of people enjoying themselves.

What to do, I'm only human.

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