Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My holiday outings....

Haven't gone out much this holidays as I only have 2 weeks. But guess what? I'm skipping classes this week which is why I'm still in Penang when it is the 1st week of university life already. My two buddies in uni skipped out to after going back there for 3 days. Their messages to me were like " need to come back yet la....we also going back home." LOL. So end up these three naughty girls skip out of classes.

Guess I'm no longer on Santa's Nice List since I'm being so naughty. Still Santa, I'll appreciate it if you gave me a small gift. A book maybe since I miss out on the Korea trip this time which is where two Kiddies are going to. (One already reached Korea and one on the jealous I feel now.)

So, before they went off to Sparkling Korea, we went out a few times for karaoke, dinner, dimsum, shopping and movies.

Red Box Karaoke Session

Karaoke trips are always fun and enjoyable. Which explains the crazy barefoot dance we did.See...we are always having fun karaoke-ing and doing all sorts of selcas...

Movie marathon day.
We watched Narnia and Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale continously. Smuggled McD in the cinema during Narnia and ate popcorn during Rapunzel. Then we went for dinner. Keng leh..haha

The selcas in the cinema.
At the food court. Love this photo...<3

Dinner at Blue Reef, Straits Quay

Straits Quay looks amazing albeit the emptiness. (It's not exactly ready for opening. The shops aren't all open yet.) But the view to the sea is awesome. We can see straight till the mainland. The scenery was great which was why we saw plenty of people with DSLR walking around taking photos like they were pros. (With the big camera stand and all) Haha. I think we took plenty of photos there. It was fun.

Blue Reef is a fish&chips restaurant but the funny thing is I went and ate Chicken Cordon Bleu. It wasn't as nice as I expected it to be. Should have ordered fish..silly me. The mushroom sauce was nice though. Oh and the Caesar Salad was yummy. I ate a piece of Ting's fish and chips in beer batter...that was delicious. Can taste the slight bitterness of beer and together with the fish it was nice. We even had blueberry cheese for dessert. I was really full after that.

Grilled fish...
Mushroom soup...
Fish and Chips in beer batter.
Caesar the croutons
My Honey Lemon Tea...which still taste sour even after all the honey I dumped in.
Chicken Cordon Bleu. It looks appetizing but it was only just okay.
The sauce is nice though. ^^

Does the photos of the food make you hungry? Because I know it made me hungry 1.30am midnight now. =.=

The birthday girl, Juin with me. It's her birthday which was why we went for dinner but ended up, she treated us the dinner.

The selca girls...always in the mood for selcas.
Oh Christmas tree...Huge Christmas tree..

The dessert..Yum yum

Some of the photos we took or rather they took. I'm always the one in front of the lens instead of behind cause I don't bring my camera when there are more than 1 camera better than mine. ^^

Basically, this is all I did during the holidays. Minus some shopping trips which I bought some CNY dresses and some dimsum breakfast I had with friends. Come to think of it...I did all this in 2 weeks, it wasn't too little either...hahaha.

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