Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chowrasta Market

Whee...I'm so hardworking these days...blogging again..hehe.

Chowrasta Market is at inner Georgetown. More fondly known as Kelinga Ban San to the Hokkiens. (My grandparents and old aunts called it that.) It's a wet market with lot's of food and things. It's one of the markets I really like to go. For the food of course...hehe...

The Koay Teow Th'ng (Koay Teow Soup) is one of my favourite. With fish-balls, meatballs, meat, pork inner stuff, and coagulated duck blood (you probably thinks it's yucky but it's nice). Yummy...I finished everything including the soup today.

Then, finally had my roti kahwin...haha. In fact, I had it a few times since I posted that I wanted to eat it. ^^

Then, here's one stall which is apparently quite famous because it is shown on a show on Astro AEC. (The Ah Sien show...which I don't know what the title is.) It's a traditional dessert/kuih. It's called Ketayap or Pok Chiang. It's almost like a Malay kuih but sorta different. (According to my mom lah...I have no idea...only know that it is good.) We went and ordered it around 9 something am and had to wait around 30 minutes for 5 pieces. Damn many people ordered. It should be very popular I think but it is only open during Saturdays or School Holidays. (The young auntie is a teacher so the stall only opens when she is free.)The old auntie is old already thus the slow movement of making of the kuih. Thus, the long waiting time. I think this stall has been open quite sometime but I only notice it recently hence my first taste of it only today.

It's actually pretty easy to make this kuih. (If the steps were like what I seen...I stood there for 30 minutes min. so I got a good look at the process.)
1. Pour the white liquid batter into oiled pan. (Same pan like apong...batter is of water and flour which I suspect is glutinous flour mixed with either plain water or alkaline water.)
2. Flip so that both sides are evenly cooked.
3. Then, removed from pan and to wrapping process. Add coconut shavings and finely grounded peanuts with sugar.
4. Wrap like wrapping popiah. Fin~

What I saw was like that but I'm not sure if it's really this easy. ^^ It's quite delicious and cheap too at RM0.60 per piece. It smell really nice and when I ate it, it was slightly sweet added with the coconut shavings. Yum...

The ketayap or pok chiang

These clams were yummy too. I had them for lunch. Mom cooked. When we bought it, it was spurting out water like a water gun. I was standing like 0.5m away and it spurted water on my shoe. It looks kinda cool since it was fresh and still alive. I thought it would still spurt water when we got back home but it didn't anymore even when I put it into the water....haha. I was like a kid waiting for it to spurt out some water. ^^
And introducing the valet carpark in Chowrasta Market. Drive in the parking lot and you'll realise that the cars are parked like sardines in a can. To those unfamiliar with the place will feel weird of leaving his/her car but fear not, the uncles are pro at this. They maneuver your car into such a small space without a scratch all for the price of RM2.00. It's a no time limit parking space too so that you can walk and eat at Chowrasta Market for as long as you want. ^^

Back home, painting duty starts again. Retouch up the paint on the balcony and painted the window frames in the kitchen. Got paint all over my hands and my legs and even my hair. I had so much trouble washing them all out with smelly turpentine. Painting is one messy job.
My painted hair...

The window frames. I turn it from ugly brown to ivory white.

Tadaa!!! Looks so sparkling. ^^

Oh ya...Merry Christmas even though it's already late :)

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