Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Tangled Tale...

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

How many of you have heard of this sentence?

I'm a fairytale fanatic..I love reading those Happily Ever After stories. Rapunzel wasn't exactly my favourite fairytale but I've read of it.

These days, fairytales no longer means a prince saving a princess or a damsel in distress from evil and fall in love with them. Nowadays, they start by hating each other then cooperate to gain their own interest then eventually falls in love..haha.

The story started when Gothel, a evil old woman witness a drop of sunlight hit the ground and turn into a magical flower. Gothel discover that when someone sings to the flower, it has the power to heal or turn someone old like her young. She selfishly hid the flower even when the queen of the land was dying from child-birthing. Fortunately, the guards found it and the queen safely delivered a princess, Rapunzel. Gothel stole the princess when she found out she holds the power of the flower and stash her into a high tower with only windows. Knowing that cutting Rapunzel's long hair will lead to loss of power, the child was raised up as a daughter and advise to never leave the tower because evil people might steal her powers.

(OMG...this synopsis is real long) With the loss of the princess, the King and Queen float thousand of lanterns into the skies every year on her birthday to pray for her safe return. Rapunzel who sees it every year as star lights wishes to see it floating up. Rapunzel having grown up was very artistic and loves painting. She's beautiful with extremely long golden hair and smart. The evil Gothel still assumes identity as her mother and tells Rapunzel that there are many evil people who will capture her for her healing abilities and forbid her from ever leaving the tower.

Meanwhile in the kingdom, Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert stole the tiara of the lost princess and was in pursue from the guards. Abandoning his accomplices, he stumbles into Rapunzel's tower and meets Rapunzel. Frightened, Rapunzel hits him with a pan knocking him unconscious. Thinking she can manipulate Flynn to helping her see the lights, she told Gothel that she knew what she wanted for her birthday, the expensive white paint a few days away from the tower. Gothel agrees thinking Rapunzel would stay. Rapunzel hid the tiara and asked Flynn for help in return she shall give him back the tiara.

Rapunzel manage to make a bargain with Flynn to take her to the lights and they undergo an adventure in their journey to the lanterns. Gothel discovered Rapunzel was missing from all the commotion and found her in the tavern called Snuggly Duckling which reminds me of Ugly Duckling. Maximus, a guard's horse relentless in his search for Flynn follows creating havoc in the tavern and causing a dam to break. In a dangerous moment, Rapunzel reveal to Flynn of her abilities and enables them to escape safely. They manage to reach the kingdom and watch the lanterns together. Gothel however with help from Flynn's accomplices tricked Rapunzel into thinking Flynn abandon her for the tiara. Heart broken, she went back to the tower with Gothel.

Flynn was sentenced to death, learning the treachery from the henchmen. Fortunately for him, the tavern regulars saved him and Maximus takes him to find Rapunzel. Meanwhile, Rapunzel discovers she is the lost princess. She confronted Gothel but was tied up by Gothel. Flynn reaches the tower and upon entering finds Rapunzel all tied up. He is stabbed by Gothel and dying. Rapunzel pleaded with Gothel that she will remain with Gothel forever as long as she allos her to save him. Flynn however cuts off Rapunzel's hair destroys the healing power and rather dies than have her trapped forever with Gothel. With the loss of the healing power, Gothel turns old and in hysteria, she trips over Rapunzel's hair and fell out of the window turning into dust before reaching the ground. Flynn tells Rapunzel he loves her and succumb to his wounds. Tearful, Rapunzel sings the magic healing songs and a single tear falls to his cheek miraculously healing him.

They return to the castle and Rapunzel got reunited with her family. In time, Flynn and Rapunzel get married, and live happily ever after as the pub thugs fulfill their individual aspirations, and Maximus becomes a respected official on the Royal Guard. The END.

Happily ever after exists in reality right? I hope so too...haha. Long review right? It's more like a long winding synopsis. I took me an hour and a half to write this. to remember what was in the movie. I love fairytales so it nice. I got a great laugh and ate popcorn until my stomach almost exploded in the cinema. It was great. Jjang!! ^__^


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