Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1st Avenue & Prangin

The skies were really blue that day and the white cotton clouds looks just like cotton candy. ^^
The view from the 8th floor.

Took a trip down to 1st Avenue mall and Prangin Mall last week. I took the bus instead of driving and I guess taking a bus down was not a right choice. I think driving would have save more time and money since taking the bus cost me RM4 to and fro.

The selcas we took at 1st Avenue. The 1st one was in the toilet..haha. The 2nd one at Parksons. ^^

Had steamboat for lunch (Yummy..) and then I went shopping for clothes and shoes. I found a pair of wedges which I thought look nice on me. Albeit it's price, I bought it. RM64...there goes my savings. Walked down to 1st Avenue which looks really nice but with not much stores open, I don't think it's any fun. I was hoping the Cotton On store would be open by then but sadly no.

Apparently Redbox is having a RM1 karaoke session which explains the queue.

The mall is like 8 storeys high. With little shops opening, it was pretty bare and cold but it does look classy with the design and all. The view at the last floor was pretty nice although there nothing much around to look upon besides all those old buildings. But we did get a view of the sea. There's actually a platform where you can walk out and look at the sights. Pretty cool. Before we went back, bought RotiBoy Mexican Bun to eat. Yum yum..it was still warm and so crispy. It's really nice when it is still warm and fresh from the oven.

RotiBoy...looking at it makes me hungry.

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