Friday, April 29, 2011

Congrats to Prince William and Princess Katherine

The whole England was so hype up about the Royal Wedding and so was I.

I'm still excited haha even if it's none of my business. My 1st live view on a royal wedding.

It was truly a lovely wedding. Kate Middleton aka now the Princess or Duchess of Cambridge wore a simple, classic and elegant dress which I think is really simple yet beautiful. Did you know the tiara she wore was something borrowed to her from the Queen? It's a 1936 diamond 'halo' tiara by Cartier. Keng leh..

The wedding ceremony to me was solemn and everyone just looks tense..haha. The best moment at the ceremony was Prince William saying to Kate that she looks beautiful. That was just Awww...and he jokes to her and her father that this was only supposed to be a small family affair. (Haha..very funny~)
And the KISS at the balcony...everyone was anticipating was nice nice. They kiss sweet and so romantic. I think it was partly due to the crowd asking them to kiss again and Prince William obliges them or maybe he just want to kiss her again :P haha. They look really happily in love which makes the whole Royal Wedding really nice. I can see they are genuinely in love by the looks of them smiling at each other joyously. May they have a happy joyous life together.

P.S. 2 billion people watch the couple tie the knot. That includes me ^_^
P.P.S. It could have been much better if Princess Di was there. I was watching re-runs and keep thinking she IS there..spiritually...

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