Friday, April 08, 2011

Wang Burma Cave & Timah Tasoh

This is long overdue. At last, photos of my Wang Burma Cave adventure.
The entrance to the Wang Burma Cave.
Before reaching the cave, we have to hike 3km. Damn tiring compared to exploring the cave.

The stairway down to darkness.

The bats~
Does this remind you of something obscene or is it just me?
There's bats, frogs,lizards and spiders inside. Lots of small little creatures. There's even small crabs.
The group photo of us girls.
My big butt trying to get through the small opening.

The group photo

The cave was dark and without a torchlight, you can't even see your hands in front of you. It was fun but pretty scary if you're afraid of darkness. I was paranoid that something will bite me when I wade through the water in the cave and I got my sport shoes filled with sand. It was a great trip which I think I will never go again. The place is so damn far at the border of Perlis and Thailand. I keep imagining someone telling me "Welcome to Thailand. If you like ah kua please turn left, if you like guys please turn right..." =.=

Then we took a detour to Timah Tasoh Lake. It looks really calm and windy. Such a nice place. i would have enjoyed it if I wasn't that tired. I had a sleepless night and only manage to sleep at 5am that morning and woke up at 7am. So, I was exhausted. The view was so nice and I saw 3 set of couples taking wedding photos. A must come place for wedding photography I guess.

The girls.
The boys.
The girls and the awesome view.
...Me and my roomie. Notice my swollen and exhausted eyes.

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nicolette said...

timah tasoh dam..the place i was forced to swing during my days in ns.. I hate the female trainers as they scolded us who are afraid of water.. sigh