Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Movie Time...

Look how cute the dragon is....

I watched two movies in a day in the midst of having examinations. How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) and Clash of the Titans. Both were in my opinion fascinating.

I didn’t expect HTTYD to be that nice but it was. It was funny at the same time it teaches you something. The moral of the story, just be yourself and not be afraid to stood to what you believe in. Not to mention the dragon is so cute. The animation was not too bad too. I like it the most when Hiccup (the main character) flew up into the skies with Toothless (the dragon called Black Fury). I can almost imagine myself flying with them through the clouds and twisting and turning across the skies. It was a fun story.

Clash of the Titans was fascinating because I’ve always been really fond about Greek and Roman Mythology. In a glance, I would have thought the movie was boring. Frankly speaking, the whole movie is almost in muted colours like white, black, tan, and gray was kind of dull but the muted colours did bring out the bleak events. Still, it does tell a great story and since I have nothing to compare with considering I didn’t watch the old Clash of the Titans movie, I’ll say the story was good but could be better. Due to the bookworm in me, I did recognize a few characters from books I have read before. I’m really fond of stories and through the limited books in the school library, there’s still much about these legends and even all those mythology in Asia. Well, if anyone doesn’t know Zeus, I’ll say he/she must be living under a nutshell because Zeus is so famous you must have at least heard of him once.

Well, now I’m going back into my books or rather notes because I still have to study for the last two papers in two days time with perseverance. After watching two of the movies, I have learnt a valuable lesson from both of them. To succeed in anything you do, you must always persevere.

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