Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

Okay...let's be truthful here. How am I supposed to blog about no strings attached? I have no idea. So I googled it. @.@ LOL.

At 1st the first thought I came by from 'No Strings Attached' was actually the N'Sync album. Love that album. My favourite song from that album was "This I promise You". Teehee...That was like so long ago wasn't it? Hmmmm....ten years ago seems like a very long time. Still, I would listen to some of the songs whenever I think back on those times I had real fun. But Bye Bye Bye to those years of my life. Getting older now =.=

It turns out Google would also show lot's of website on N'Sync's No Strings Attached album. There's also the meaning of No Strings Attached. No strings attached means no special demands or limits that you have to accept. It means that you can get something without any extra conditions or requirement. (Dating with no strings attached perhaps? Not being tied down to only 1 relationship? Yeah, lot's of people do just that.)

No Strings Attached which is exactly what it like with P1 W1MAX too. With P1 W1MAX, there is no need for any wires or cables that would just crowd up your house or workplace. You'll get exactly what you paid for and great connection using the broadband. The connection is really worth the fees you are paying. You'll get fast uninterrupted speed connection with no contract and no restriction.(Promoting P1 W1MAX to the maximum here...O.0)

Yes, using this new P1 W1MAX W1GGY offer, it gives you affordable speed and high usage quota with no contracts and no restrictions. Best yet, you can go online anywhere with no strings attached. For more info, check this out here. So let's all try this new P1W1MAX offer out. It might just be the right choice for you with no strings attached *winks*

And lastly,

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

P.S. Thanks for the money I got for the past few weeks.

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