Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can you feel the pressure??

Are any of you people feeling nervous? Studying like mad? Well, it's the exam season. Everyone should be revising their subjects and making the best out of their time.

I'm trying to study. I started on 1 subject so far and still haven't manage to complete it yet. I don't really mind the distraction actually. I used to be able to study with loud music blaring on my earphones and a movie playing on my laptop. I guess all the pressure just made me unable to focus.

For now really, I felt that I have lost the spirit to study. My mind tells me that I can revise it in time if I starts now and try my best. My heart doesn't follow. Why do we all need to study???

I really wish myself luck and hope I can focus soon because I don't want to fail because I simply don't have interest in things. I just got to have faith in myself.

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam....

1 comment:

Thying said...

I've been feeling the same too :(
Anyhow, don't worry, as long as we do what we can, things will pass and eventually work out :)) JIA YOU!!!