Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Favourite Sport

I'm not exactly a sporty person. In fact I hate it if I get all too sweaty unless it's really a fun sports that I love. Which is why swimming is my favourite sports. You can exercise without getting all sweating..teehee.

Swimming has always been one of my favourite sports since I was a kid. I started swimming when I was 7 and never stop loving it. I still remember when the instructor back then teaches us swimming. We would have to be blowing bubbles learning how to breathe underwater and kicking our legs like mad. I really had fun back then. I never did get to learn the butterfly stroke and I still suck at freestyle but I can swim fast. I still remember joining the MSSPP in Penang Chinese Swimming Club where the pool water was salty as it came from the sea. It was really salty because if the water accidentally went in your mouth, you will taste it and well I taste it like a couple of time. Gross...

I love the feel of the water around me and how I can just float around in the water without any worries. It was a time when everything was so carefree back then. I was a little sad when I went up to secondary school and there wasn't any swimming club in the school. No more of my favourite sports in school. I swim less now but it will not diminish my passion for swimming because swimming is simply too jjang!! I really admire those girls who keep pursuing their dreams on swimming because I had the chance once but I didn't take it. so, I end being this reall sloppy and non-sporty. Well, I do play sports whenever I fancy though. :P

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