Friday, April 02, 2010

QB roller-coaster ride....

Weee!!! The roller-coaster ride down the upper car-park level to the ground level

Took this on the way down from the upper level car park at Queensbay. Loo Wen said scary...hahaha...I understand since it was pretty high up and I was driving with 1 hand. Don't try this, kids...hehehe...

Bad angle for a photo. Couldn't get much of the scenery. That's cause I was driving while I took this pic with my phone. I have to say it was not scary cause I have another hand on the wheel still....hehehe....please trust my driving skills...I'm not that bad. I still have controls on the brake too. ^^

It would have been a much better pic if I took it like 5 seconds earlier. I missed the view. Still, since I attempted to take a photo of the sea view at QB, I thought I should at least post them up for the sake of posting :P

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