Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bored with notes...

Came to the library today with the purpose of studying. Instead, I end up surfing the internet for some K-pop stuff and facebook-ing. Terrible terrible~

My most productive work that I did today was watching SNSD videos here. Hui Ping, this is all your fault. Really you're the one who introduce me to the pages. (*Whack!!*) ^^ Of course, it's my fault too for being so obsessed with videos now =.=

Right now, I'm holding my notes on Electronics Material while blogging. To tell you the truth, I didn't really came to the library to study. I came here to go online to watch some videos and read stuff. (The line is super fast compared to Ulu ^^) Studying in the library was just an excuse. LOL. Still, I should really get some work done and at least say I did some reading.

So for the next hour I'm going to TRY and study...yeah TRY...=.=||

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