Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ooops..got myself addicted to another Korean group. From TVXQ to Super Junior to SNSD. Got myself soshified...haha..

I'm already almost into Shinee now since watching Hello Baby. =.=

Even my style of fashion is getting Korean-ish. I should really start learning Korean now so that one day I can go visit Korea. There's just too many places in Korea that I want to visit.

Want to visit Korea very very very much. To Junsu's dad pizza shop...haha. Also eat the fried chicken I see Shinee is promoting. Eat those delicious traditional Korean food. Wear the colourful and very beautiful hanbok. Go up to Namsan (Mount Mongmyeok) to see the scenery. Walk along the Han river and cycle around. Go shopping at Dongdaemun just like I saw in Cinderella Man...lol. Go to the theme parks like Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo did on WGM. So those Korean dramas do really influence people. They make us want to get our butts to Korea.

Korea is just too jjang!!


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