Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lucky fans

It's so lucky of people to be able to see YunHo in person. Reading all those fan accounts in DBSKnights makes me so jealous of those fans. Not only some fans meet YunHo in person, some meet up with Junsu just by going to a CC. Or meeting Jae Joong or Micky or Chang Min (I'll probably hyperventilate if I even see them...LOL)

It makes me wonder I'm a really a fan girl now? Because I think I am. I'll probably start screaming like those fangirls I saw on TV. I think meeting them in person can seriously turn a normal calm person into behaving with plain silliness.

I would so LOVE to meet DBSK or Super Junior in person. Imagine meeting DongHae and he smiles at me *.* If I do meet them, I'll have the chance to write one of those fan account to make those other fan girls jealous. But meanwhile, it's me who should be jealous of them right now...haha.

P.S. Yunho is going be in Michael Jackson's Memorial Concert. How cool is that and he is singing 7 songs...I'm so going gaga now.*excited*


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