Friday, March 26, 2010

No sweat.

Recently, the weather has turned even more hot and humid. My friends and family back in Penang are complaining about how hot the weather is back there. Try coming to Perlis for a day. You'll see how hot and humid it is here. There never is a time when I don't sweat. Yesss, even at night. The temperature is so high I bet an egg would fry up nicely if you fry it on the car bonnet. I recently saw it in the newspapers that Perlis was recorded as the highest temperature state. So it is no wonder you see people sweating everywhere. Isn't that very swt? =.=" Hahaha...lame joke.

But I bet if everyone uses Adidas Action 3, all you feel would be a breeze. Adidas Action 3 is an anti-perspirant, an anti-odour deodorant so you can stay fresh all day. There's two types of this anti-perspirant one for men and another for women.

There are 6 types of different anti-perspirant for men. Men can stay fresh in Adidas Action 3 Fresh using the fresh anti-perspirant spray. It has an cooling protection against perspiration, has 0% alcohol (So Muslims can use it too..Yahh!!) and anti-whitening (LOL...women would want whitening but I guess guys with whiten armpits looks weird..hahaha) So it can absorb as much sweat as you can perspire of. So, no sweat!!

While for the lovely ladies out there who hate having those sweaty armpits or sweat running down your back, there a whole line of products for you. There's the Intensive Anti-Perspirant spray for those active in sports. Like the products in the men's line, it is anti-whitening and with 0% alcohol. Isn't that great?

So people in Perlis, let's get our Adidas Action 3...since it is always so hot and humid, using it would be best for I really do hate sweat and with sweat there's BO which is even more yucky.

No more sweat or BO!!!

End note:
Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at

(It's a little late for this but I thought I'll give it a shot anyway. Better late than never :P )

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