Friday, March 12, 2010

The 4cm nail...

The day started with a punctuation. A punctured tyre to be exact. Woke up this morning planning to go to lab and completed my Physical Metallurgy lab. Got down and found my left back tyre punctured.

For one moment there, I was thinking of changing the tyre myself. It's not like I don't have the strength just that I thinking I'm lacking of experience. I was afraid I'll not get those steps right or change it right. So end up driving it slowly to Kangar for repairing.

I suspected Automart being the place I 'kena'. My friend's tyre got puncture that day and now me. Geez...blame it on luck. Of all cars to 'kena' on that day, it has to be mine. But luckily found a shop to repair the tyre.

After RM7 and half an hour later, it was all repaired. Just stuck a piece of rubber into the hole and sealed it off with some liquid then pumped the air back in. Simple as that. Wish I had the skill too...haha.

The repairman got the nail out which was like 4cm long. I think need to buy lottery on the car. Might win lottery using the number plate. Hahaha....

The culprit- The nail

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