Friday, March 26, 2010

Bad temper?

Can you blame me for being so bad tempered lately? I know many of you are wondering why I’m starting to use crude words recently. Well, I do use them. Just that I don’t use them often in front of people. You might not have heard of it because I only use it in private…as in alone.

Well, it’s out of the public now. If people are shocked, maybe I should just remove that post. I was doing BUI (Blogging Under Influence)haha. Under the influence of me being sick of having to ask and ask over and over again for some people to get their part of the report done. Under the influence of anger I did that. I’m guilty as charge. It’s really sickening when you get group members who don’t co-operate well. There are always those midnight rushing I have to do every Tuesday night asking you all to hand over the reports. I get really sick of doing that. I’m really not a patient person and that would make my anger boil over.

Of course when my temper is bad, I don’t really show it. I guess I tend to keep it to myself or just release steam on my blog. Unless it is really serious then I’ll probably get mad at someone and rashly irrationally blow it all on someone.

Still, there’s a person according to HP that can make crude words like f-ing seems nice and ‘yeng’ by the way she says it. Haha…have to admit the way she says it really make me not think that it is a crude word because she says it real smooth. She used it usually to scold bad drivers which she I guess totally can’t stand because they are f***-ing idiots…haha…Those I use I think are actually milder crude words. I really don't like it when people uses those Chinese expletives which I think are way cruder than the ones in English. It’s really harsh to the ears. Hmm..well the pot calling the kettle black...

Now that almost all the reports and assignments are completed, the usually mild tempered me can give my bad temper-ness some rest. May it hopefully not blow up like a volcano one day.

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