Sunday, March 07, 2010


These are the times when I feel plain sentimental. Why do I always think about the past and about how I wish I had done this and that or that I would have done something better? Sometimes I really wonder if my life is worth existing. Would anyone have notice if I am gone? Or one day when they reminisce about their past would anyone remember me in their life? I think I blend too much into the background.
I am not as funny as others that people can remember someone by when they think of their jokes or as outgoing and cheerful as some who would always have a smile on their face no matter what. I’m not even beautiful like some girls are to command other’s attention or as clever for them to remember how brilliant I am. I’m not even as friendly as some people are because I get awkward with strangers or rather I don’t make much an effort. I’m not even as helpful and patient like some people are that we can remember their kindness by.
I can state hundreds of my weaknesses but where is my strong point? The one thing that people can remember me by. The distinct value I have that people can always related to me by? Do I even have one? Does it even matter? Sometimes I think it doesn’t but I’m one selfish self-attention seeking brat who wants some recognition by just anyone who remembers me from somewhere.

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