Monday, March 29, 2010

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

Ever wanted to be a reality TV Star? Have you ever watch reality TV shows like Project Runway, Amazing Race or Survivor and wished that you are one of the participants? Ever thought of being so famous that people can recognize you whenever you go out? Or that you want to show the world your side of the story, your point of view on what's happening in the world right now? Or just want to have fun and do something worth remembering in this lifetime? Well, here’s your chance to make that all happen.

Get famous through project Alpha Season 3, Malaysia's first online reality TV.

Project Alpha is offering you the chance to be featured as a guest blogger in Season 3. Yess, for the next season you can be one of the bloggers who can give viewers the insight to your life as a blogger and how blogging change your lives. This project was inspired to give credit to the growing influence and importance of fellow bloggers out there who have proven to be an irreplaceable staple to our daily lives.

From candid and insightful opinions right down to the latest fashion and celebrity gossips or even DIY stuff, we can read it all through different blogs there is out there. I myself would browse around blogs that sell nice clothes or teaches DIY handicrafts or read about their opinions on life. There’s even blogs that shows us celebrity news that we can’t get through the other media. This is why bloggers really do play a pivotal role in our society these days.

This season which is season 2, Project Alpha brings you 7 infinitely interesting bloggers. If you want to be one of them next season, you should join in the auditions now. It’s really very simple. Just record a video of 60 seconds or less and tell the Project Alpha people why you should be on Project Alpha. Tell them in a creative way. Scream out why for example or do it while you are riding a roller coaster (that’s just my idea…don’t blame me if your video recorder drops halfway through your ride) or sing a song telling them why. Then just submit it .For further details on how to do it, click here. There’s even a chance for you to win some really great prizes when you get chosen to be one of the featured blogger. How fantastic is that?

So, just give it a shot. You’ll never know, you might really be the next famous blogger out there like Kenny Sia. Show them you have what it takes. It’s time for you to SHINE!!!


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at or

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