Friday, March 26, 2010

Photo spam!!

Do you miss this??? Because I do. I miss those silly jokes Wen Shan always tells. I miss Mei Ling's nonchalant,moody and sarcastic attitude. I miss HP's craziness and siau po-ness. I miss Li Ling's serious-on the-outside crazy-like-us inside. I miss Suriani's dirty jokes. I miss Sathia's silliness.

I miss those trips we have to the toilet >.<. I miss the noises we made in class. I miss those stupid jokes. I even miss those sleepy classes. I miss everyone in SGGS so very much.

Whenever I'm down or feeling blue, all I have to do is take a look at all this photos.
It will made me smile again and ponder over all those memories we made.
Thank you so much for all those memories.
I'll cherish them always.

Do you all miss me too?


1 comment:

ルーエン said...

hey..of all pics why put the f6's pics..?? my hair..havent cut hair at that time..gosh..! i look like siao po..sigh~