Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot...


Would definitely have to be my room.

Especially when I am all alone. Using wireless connections make surfing so much easier than it has been years ago where there was still the dial-up connection with the noisy and loud tone whenever you dial up. Even your neighbours would probably heard the tone and would probably be thinking "This girl ahh...everyday she online. So noisy ahh the tone...Kacau only.."

So nowadays with better internet connection, life is so much better when it comes to surfing. You can Facebook anywhere you want or play online games whenever you feel like you want to. There's connection everywhere now!! Wifi and broadbands...Still nothing beats sitting in my room surfing the net and blogging. There's no one to mess up with what I want to write or disturb my concentration. My blogging process is a serious process okay? I should put a sign 'Do NOT disturb!! Blogging in progress'.

Have to admit, my room is kind of messy and with plenty of books and magazine scattered around because I'm simply too lazy to put it back at it's place. Still, it's quiet enough for me to actually get some work done or watch something online without any disturbance (Eg. My mom calling me to do housework...hehe) I can put on the music loud enough and still surf without any reprimanding from my anyone.

Nowadays there's plenty of surfing spots everywhere since there's those super mini broadband like P1 W1MAX that can be use just about anywhere. So whenever you feel like surfing, you can just do it. You can surf in class or at work because there's connection everywhere with it. Of course nothing beats of surfing in the privacy and sanctuary of your own room. You can laze around surfing and no one can see you. That's probably why it is a favourite of mine.

And lastly...

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