Thursday, April 19, 2012

My first job interview

Had a job interview at the EDGE carnival yesterday.

It came as a shock actually because I didn't expect that dropping my resume with hundreds of people, the company would pick me as a interview candidate. (Even if they pick many people indeed.)

I'm still thinking why they picked me. I got lucky??!!

The interviewer is from Fuji Electronics and is a section manager. It was scary. Actually it was a basic and casual interview but since I never went for one, it was freaky. It was a good experience though. At least I learn something.

Asking the basic question of tell me something about yourself also made me think a lot. What can I tell about myself that is not on my resume? That I like reading books? Or that I'm a big K-pop fan? Not exactly stuff you want to tell your future employer.

Then he ask what I know about Fuji..and guess what, I don't know much. All I know was they are situated in Kulim and is a semiconductor company. Now I know they make disk and wafer. The interviewer drone on and I realised how important it is to know facts about the company and some basics on electronics.

And if you're being interviewed for a Process Engineer position, bear in mind to know some of the process control and quality control tools. Things like 6 Sigma and FMEA...

In conclusion, prepare yourself before you get into an interview. Know the facts about the company and prepare to answer those simple yet complicated questions like tell me about yourself and what do you know about this company and what we do and etc...


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