Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just friends?

And sometimes you wonder when friends are truly real friends.

When in the end all they want is just benefits of being your friend. I'm not saying you have to repay your friends with money or monetary stuffs but a simple thank you would be great. And sometimes, it's the thought that counts but some people don't even have the thought. Some people might probably be offended by what I mention but oh well, it's the truth.

Call me a hypocrite because maybe I do act like this sometimes but if you expect people to help you all the time without helping someone back then I think there's something wrong. And if you expect people to keep doing stuff for you then that's even ....

And it's always good to know someone has your back rather than stabbing you in the back. People changes with time or rather time shows you who a person really is. When you know someone for a longer period of time, those 'stripes' in their personality actually shows. 

They may dislike you yet pretend to like you. Sometimes it's more like I dislike a trait in one of my friends but it doesn't mean I can't be a friend can't I? In the end, it comes down to being sincere about your friendship and genuine about your feelings.

Recent events happening in my life made me feel that understanding computers and machines is hard but understanding people is even harder. I try to be nice with everyone and not talk behind someone's back (I do occasionally...I'm not a saint.) and I do have my occasional slip-ups and now I learned to watch my back and be careful of what I say because someone would probably be talking behind my back eventually.

All I can do is to be truthful to myself and try not to leap before I look. Life is complicated after all. It's so hard to be simple.


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