Sunday, September 02, 2012


So here's the thing.

I'm back for 2 months and I'm still choice.
I wrote a pretty emotional post 2 weeks ago which I have pull into draft. Too PG18...haha

So why jobless by choice? I'm still trying to get a job that suits me and is at a suitable distance from my house. I got one which wanted me to start in July. Can't do that then cos my mom was sick and I had to be home. Then got one that was way too far to be considered as long term. Of course there was one who chose a course-mate over me. I still think it's their loss :P

So here I am still looking for a job going to interviews and interviews. My dad says I will soon go to all the companies in Penang for interviews. I went to quite a few and I felt I like a few of them but so far no offer.

I got over being offended by what people say of me still not finding a job because in the end, I'm the one working and not you. I rather be working at a place I like and can do well than being miserable at the workplace and sulking and of course some place that pays me well enough and have room for advancement. Now I'm practically rolling my eyes when my relatives ask me if I found a job yet. Got sick of hearing the phrase so often that I don't even mind anymore..kekeke.

I believe in my own ability and if a company recognises it then they will hire me. Simple as that.

So a wait it shall be.

Good things come to those who waits~~~

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