Monday, September 03, 2012

Book review: The Peach Keeper

Almost forgot I have another Sarah Addison Allen's book in my collection. I'm sort of like a collector. I like collecting books by the same author if I find one of her/his book interesting because chances are other books by said author might be nice as well.

Peach Keeper tells the story of two women. Ms Allen rather likes to write about stories of two women rather than in singular form.

Welcome to Walls of Water, North Carolina, (Fictional I'm assuming) where secrets are thicker than than the town's famous fog. That's what was written on the back of the book cover.

I do tend to judge book by its covers occasionally all the time. Sometimes I buy books cos they are cheap and they were so bad that I stop at the 1st chapter and leave to grow dust on my bookshelves. And yes I do have a bookshelves which occupy a section of my wall and the book collection is growing that I have to buy books secretly to avoid being reprimanded by my mom. If you're interested in romance novels or fiction novels, I'm the person to come too...haha. I don't borrow books to anyone though. Just the occasional friends that I think is trustable with my books. My precious~~~

Back to the topic, Peach Keeper is about a secret buried with time with a hint of magic AGAIN...haha. Ms Allen's books tend to hold to the same formula...tell a story of women with a past and give them magic. Wahla~~ you get a book. This one has less magical properties in it than Garden Spell but it is nonetheless interesting at least to me. I still prefer the first book I read; The Girl Who Chased The Moon which I bought just because of the cover. Guilty as charged. ^^

A discovery of a long-buried secret, a friendship that defies time, and a touch of magic, will transform both women's live in ways they would never expected. The Peach Keeper tells a story of two families and how magic brought them together. How love changes a person and how friendship can defy the forces of time.

What I like about Ms Allen's books is that they tend to tell you to live up to your dreams and not be afraid to be different. Maybe it is time I stop burying myself in books and lift my nose up but the passion of reading can never really fade off from me because reading gives me as much pleasure as swimming does and they help me relax and cheers me up. It gives me an escape from reality and dives into the world where fantasy can be lived in our heads. =D

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