Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I'm A Graduate!!

Latest news in my life.

I'm finally a graduate!!! Graduated only with a second class upper degree in Materials Engineering. 
Wish it was a first class degree. Oh well, I'm smart (self bragging) but not that hardworking. :P

If there's anything I regret from the four years there is not spending enough time exploring Perlis and actually going to Langkawi. Can you believe I only went there once and it was for a school program so I didn't even get to tour the island.

Another thing would be not scoring those silly midterm test where everyone copies and pretend they don't. Wish I studied better. I tried my best during the finals but not always during those tests. 

Oh well, let bygones be bygones. Maybe I'll challenge myself to a Master's degree someday.

Back to the topic, here's a few photos of my convocation which I think was too short. I think the whole ceremony of me taking the cert from the Raja Muda was like 4 seconds. Didn't even have the chance to savour the moment. It's a closure to another chapter of my life. The end of my studying life. Worrying to continue to the next chapter...

My mom and dad. See they're wearing matching clothes...haha

This photo is the best. Love it.

Just realised how I take photos by tilting my face in a certain angle. So every single photo of me seems to look the same...haha. But the angle makes me look I'll keep doing that. :P
(Pressies from many makes me so happy ^^)


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