Thursday, July 29, 2010


I don't really like Pizza Hut lately. I especially don't like the Kangar branch. The service is kind of bad and the food just passable. The mushroom soup sucks big time. It is almost like water. Still, it's one of few fast-food restaurant Perlis can offer you. So, to celebrate a coursemate's birthday, we went for some pizza. Had a set meal for RM8.50 plus RM 7.7o add on.

This was really nice. Royal Masala Spin Roll with chicken meat, cheese and onions. Yum.

You guys probably will be wondering how to stack that much fruit salad on a small tiny bowl. My coursemates have the most amazing ability to stack up the salad on that very small bowl. Look how high it is. I don't know whether to applaud their effort or be embarrass by it. This is call getting the worth out of what you paid. ^^

Had a nice meal despite me ranting that the pizza isn't nice. It has too much dough and less toppings. It really is not as good as Domino's. I miss Domino's!!!

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