Sunday, July 04, 2010

Day 2- Singapore 2010 Part 2

After the disappointing trip to USS, we decided to drop by Orchard. Go jalan-jalan and meet up with Wei Ping there. She is another friend who is now in Singapore working too. Then, since we were there, might as well try out the Swensen's Ice-cream Buffet recommended by another blog.

(The entrance which is quite hidden. I think it's near the American Express ATM Machine...or just ask the concierge around..they are very helpful. )

(Fish with chili paste...the chili paste was really nice with the fish.)

(Baked rice with salmon...a bit too salty but I love the cheese)

(Ice cream...yam, pistachio I think and something else)

(My bodoh face...eating my ice-cream)
(Mint with chocolate chips, black forest and apple sorbet.
The apple sorbet was really sour and sweet. Love the mint and black forest.)

(Can you even see the ice-cream? My friend ate this. Can you believe it? It was more like topping with ice-cream than ice-cream with toppings.)

To shorten the length of my post. Combine all the photos into one. ^^ The interior of Swensen's was really nice. The chocolate fondue I ate was great. I ate till I was very full. Lot's of toppings and there were other stuff beside ice-cream like waffles and pancakes. There were also cakes. Cheesecake, brownies and pies. The cost of the buffet was SGD 18.90 per person if you didn't order any food. But it's only SGD 12.90 if you order any main courses. There's even a 1 for 1 for Popular card member. Which means 2 people for the price of 1. Luckily I bought along my card for this purpose..haha.

I was really full. I wish I could have ate more. As you know, I'm a glutton when it comes to food.

For more on the Swensen's Ice-cream buffet, you should check out this blog. I found out about it from here.

More to come on my Singapore trip. It's walk here and there. Take bus and MRT here and there if you ask me. Hahaha.

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