Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Day 4- Singapore 2010

Day 4....went to meet up with Ting at Ion Orchard. Met with Wei Ping to go together at the MRT before going to Orchard. I saw a bag which I so so regret I din't buy. SGD20 seems a lot that time and now it seems so cheap to me...=.=

When will I ever stop being so stingy and do some reckless buying for once? There's a few clothes that I saw and should have bought. Haiz...next time, I'm going for more days so that I can decide and go back and buy whatever I wanted. Hahaha...

(SP & HT posing for me in front of the stairs to the shopping mall..hehe)

(Somebody buy me this please...^_^)

This store was awesome...lot's of cosmetic and perfumes. All sorts of beauty products in here.

Day 4 was nothing much. We walked around shopping mall window shopping. I ended up going with Ting to her hotel to take her luggage back to Siaw Ping's place. She came with her aunts earlier and now gathering with us. Took a taxi...which I must say was the 1st time I actually took a cab in Singapore.

We had dinner at Toastbox. They sell toast and other stuff. I had curry chicken with rice..it taste more like curry me to me than the curry chicken I use to have at home. Then we went home and shower and get dress for PARTYYYY!!!

So they got dressed up and put on make up while me and Juin didn't. I was a bit lazy that night. We went down to Harbour Front to St James Power Station to its Powerhouse. It's a club. where many Singaporean go I think. What a queue. We were actually aiming for free entry for student before 11pm but well we queue before 11 but when we reach the door, it's already 11.05pm so we missed it.

But it's not that expensive. Cheaper than Penang. I think we paid SGD15 to get in with 2 drinks. Had 2 glasses of raspberry vodka..it's pretty diluted with ice so it's fine for me and pretty yummy. The club was way packed. At 1st it was okay but as it gets late, the place is as packed as sardines in a tin. I had fun...dancing and swaying to the music.

We got home in a taxi again ^__^ Very nice taxi and very kind taxi driver too. He drove us all the way back to Tampines (where I was staying) and the total fare was 21.40 I think. I thought I'll give it a shot to see if he accepts SGD20 only. He agreed...haha. Best bargaining I ever did. I just asked and he agreed without much argument. ^___^

I think it was around 3am when we got back and after showering and all, it was almost 4am that we all slept. I slept like a log that night.


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