Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Day 6-Singapore 2010

Finally, the last day in Singapore arrives. Time seems to have passed by so quickly. I was still thinking that I didn't accomplish much of what I have planned to do. Anyway, there's always next time.

We woke up early that morning I think. We went out to Tampines Mall to buy some noodles back. Apparently the Korean Ramyun noodles pack was a lot cheaper in Singapore than in Malaysia. So, even I bought 1 home. Then, we went around shopping for awhile before heading back. We did buy our lunch which was from Carl's Junior to be eaten at SP's house. Carl's Jr is a burger franchise. It's pretty yummy. The burgers were very juicy and smells really nice.

After eating, we packed our bags and walk down to take a cab to the airport. It rained in the morning that day and yours truly slipped on the wet pavement walk. Sat on my butt and grazed my beloved shoes. I was more concerned of my shoes then the pain in the butt. =.=

Reached the airport and checked in. The queue you see below is actually a queue to GST (Government Service Tax) refund. If you buy more than SGD100 at certain stores, then you can get a refund of GST. It's people are queuing up to claim back some money..

Finally, gate 24...where my airplane is at. Ran a lot because I was afraid I was going to be late to get in the plane. Luckily I was not. Made it and reach Penang in one piece by 4 something.

The stuff I bought. Can you see the SNSD Run Devil Run CD? It's the repackage album. I bought it for my brother. It's only SGD21.50. So worth it. I didn't get one for myself but when I saw the Tiffany poster inside the cd...I think I regretted not buying for awhile but well, I can always borrow it from my brother. You can see all I bought was a dress, a sleeveless t-shirt, chocolates and some books. All in all I took SGD300 to Singapore. What's left was SGD97. I think it was mostly food that cost me. I ate a lot. Oh well, I live to eat after all....


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