Friday, July 09, 2010

Bella Italia

We went to Bella Italia on Monday. Actually wanted to go to another Italian restaurant called Ecco but unfortunately the restaurant was closed on Monday and we didn't know. We ended up at Bella Italia. The place was low lighted and filled with pictures of scenery of Italy and lot's of wine bottles on display. The place was pretty quiet until we went in. I guess we were pretty loud because the 'ang moh' at the outside table in front of the restaurant keep looking through the window at us. Either we were very loud that you can hear us from outside or we were 1 group of really pretty girls and they can't help staring. I prefer thinking it was the latter one they were referring to..LOL

(Ju and Jane were so hungry they are demanding for food. "Give us our food or else!!!")

(We are pretty aren't we...hehehe..)

There's lot's of choices of pasta in different sauces and other Italian food. We opted for pasta because Italy is famous for its pasta and pizza of course. So we ordered different pasta each and a large pizza to share.

(I don't remember what this is called but it taste quite good.)

(Spaghetti bolognese I think with clams and squid)

(This taste a bit like normal Chinese fried mee..haha...with lots of prawn and clams.)

(This pasta was a bit hot and spicy with the chilli and all but it was really nice if you can stand the spiciness. )

(I ate this...lots of cheese...if you get 'jelak' with cheese don't order this. Since I like cheese a lot it was nice but it's not really worth it I think cause the pasta is really just a bit. Oh and if you're afraid of getting fat, don't order this. Too much cheese is fattening. And I love cheese T.T so I just ate it all up.)

(The was okay. The crust was crunchy but I still prefer Domino's Pizza...haha)

I think we laugh a lot that night. Did a few bodoh stuff and we laugh so hard in the car simply because of a single word. The word 'hong' (wind) seems like a pretty ordinary word but was able to make 5 young ladies laugh until their stomach ached and their jaws were in pain. Ju had to stop the car because she can't concentrate on driving because she was laughing. Laughter is the best medicine and when we gather, there's always laughter. It makes one just smile even when you think of it. We bring happiness to each other right girls?


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