Saturday, July 03, 2010

Day 2- Singapore 2010 Part 1

It's been almost a week since I've got back from Singapore. Too lazy to update this but well, blogging requires some effort after all. So, here it is the long due trip.
(Have to settle for taking a pic outside only)

Remember I said we wanted to go to Universal Studio? Well, plan failed. No tickets. Anyway, there were too much people and there will always be a next time I guess. We wanted to enter the Resort Casino since we were there already but, we didn't bring our passport. How I'm I suppose to know we need passport to get in? Haiz....Since we were already there, we explore a few places. There was a huge Hershey store near the entrance to USS (Universal Studio Singapore). Great for the chocolate lovers. Of course, I went in too. ^_* Bought a few chocolate bars. Yum yum.Then there was this awesome popcorn store. The best popcorn I eaten so far. A bit too sweet but really crunchy and tasty. We bought a small pack of caramel cashew crisp popcorn that cost SGD 9.(Ate half already...LOL)

We explored around to Hard Rock Hotel and Festive Hotel. Nice interior designs.

(Space elephant by Salvador Dali...LOL)


There were lot's of very expensive stores which I can't afford to buy anything. The Victoria's Secret store was nice. Lot's of sexy stuff...hahaha...I didn't go in. Just a glance from outside.

(Sexy huh...wish I have a body like hers. ^_^)

Next stop Orchard and the Swensen's Ice-cream buffet. Yum yum.

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